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Each year we have a Conference at a different city or town.
Rosary Makers come together from miles around, and visitors are welcome also.

This year the Conference is being held at Taree NSW on Sunday 21st of October.
This will be our 46th Annual Conference.

There is a registration fee of $15.00 per head for the Conference, which goes towards the cost of Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea which are all provided on the day.

Invitations will be sent to all Rosary Makers about the beginning of October, and will contain an Agenda for the Conference, and times and venues etc.

The agenda is available here so that Visitors will be able to see what the Conference is all about, and hopefully make the decision to come and join us on the day.

Usually we adopt a Conference theme and this year the Theme is "Mary Mother of Mercy". One of our guest speakers will be Father George Anthicad.


Visitors are extremely welcome, so if you haven't yet been involved in Rosary Making, come along and meet Rosary Makers, and learn about us. You will receive a copy of the Printed Report covering all Guilds etc for the previous year.

We have a wonderful day always, and it is great to meet up with old friends, and/or make new friends.

The Conference starts at 9.00am with the Rosary, and after morning tea, then break for lunch, and the Conference generally finishes about 4.00 pm with Afternoon tea and farewells.

If you could be interested in coming for the day, please send us an email, or contact us by letter or fax, and we will send you the full agenda for the day. If you need accommodation on the Saturday night, PLEASE LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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