April 25 - Saint Mark

April 25 Not a lot is known about Mark, the man, when and where he was born or died, but his work was to follow Saint Peter and be his chronicler. St Peter taught about God and the Christian faith, and Mark wrote it all down, and these writings became the first of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)

Barnabas and Paul took Mark with them in AD 46 on their return to Antioch from Jerusalem. When they decided to push on into central Asia, Mark split with them and returned to Jerusalem.
Later St Paul refused to take him on the second Apostolic journey. Paul and Barnabas separated, and Barnabas took Mark wth him to Cyprus.

Mark next appears in the New Testament some ten years later, as a co-worker with St Paul, and in the company of St Peter in Rome.
St Paul's letter to Timothy, written shortly before Paul's death, bids Timothy to pick up Mark, and bring him to Rome, "for he is profitable to me for the Ministry". He was probably there when St Paul was martyred, by being beheaded in AD 67.

It seems certain, however, that Mark did visit Asia and was widely known there. St Peter sent Mark's greetings to a number of Christian Churches.

A widespread tradition credits Mark as the founder of the Church in Alexandria. He may have been Bishop of Alexandria for about 20 years.
In 828 his body was taken to Venice, Italy, and is buried in the Basilica of Saint Mark there. The present Basilica is the third one built on the site, the first was commissioned by the Doge Giustiniano Partecipazio to receive the body of St Mark.
One of the best-known Squares in the world is St. Mark's, Venice.

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