August22 The Feastday of the Queenship of Mary was established as recently as 1954 by Pope Pius XII, but the title has its roots in Scripture.

At the Annunciation, the Angel Gabriel announced that Mary's Son would receive the Crown of David and rule forever.
At the Visitation Elizabeth calls Mary "The mother of My Lord".

In the fourth century, Saint Ephrem calls Mary "Queen" and the Church continues to refer to her in this same way.

Hymns of the eleventh to thirteenth centuries speak of Mary as "Queen": "Hail, Holy Queen", "Hail, Queen of Heaven", "Queen of Heaven".

The Litany of Our Lady of Loreto speaks of her as -
Queen of Angels
Queen of Patriarchs
Queen of Prophets
Queen of Apostles
Queen of Martyrs
Queen of Confessors
Queen of Virgins
Queen of all Saints
Queen conceived without Original Sin
Queen assumed into heaven
Queen of the most Holy Rosary
Queen of Peace

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