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The Glorious Mysteries

The Resurrection

These meditations are taken from "The City of God", by Venerable Mary of Agreda (Spain) Our Lady is alleged to have appeared to Venerable Mary daily over a period of approx. 10 years, instructing her to write the story of the lives of Jesus and Mary. A condensed version of this book (4 volumes, over 1600 pages) is called "Divine Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary", and costs just $6.00. One of the best books on the Rosary that I have ever read.

Some of the Angels in the Sepulchre(tomb), obeying Mary's command had gathered the relics of the Sacred Blood and particles of flesh shed from the Body of her Divine Son.

The angels took care of these relics, each filled with joy at this privilege.

Before any change was made the Body of the Redeemer was shown to the Holy Fathers, in the same wounded, lacerated and disfigured state in which it was left by the cruelty of the Jews.

Beholding Him thus disfigured in death, the patriarchs and prophets and other Saints adored Him, and again confessed Him as the Incarnate Word, Who had paid abundantly our debts, satisfying for what we ourselves owed the Justice of the Eternal Father.

There did our first parents, Adam and Eve, see the havoc wrought by their disobedience, and the priceless remedy it necessitated.

Then in the presence of all those saints were united to the Sacred Body all the relics which the angels had gathered, restoring It to Its natural perfection and integrity. In the same moment, the Most Holy Soul reunited with the Body, giving It Immortal Life and Glory.

He penetrated through the rocks of the Sepulchre without removing or displacing them.

The Sacred wounds which had disfigured His Body now shone forth refulgent and brilliant.

In all this Glory and Heavenly adornment the Saviour now arose from the grave.

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