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The Glorious Mysteries

The Assumption

These meditations are taken from "The City of God", by Venerable Mary of Agreda (Spain) Our Lady is alleged to have appeared to Venerable Mary daily over a period of approx. 10 years, instructing her to write the story of the lives of Jesus and Mary. A condensed version of this book (4 volumes, over 1600 pages) is called "Divine Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary", and costs just $6.00. One of the best books on the Rosary that I have ever read.


Three days before the most Happy Transition of the Great Lady the Apostles and disciples were gathered in Jerusalem in the Cenacle. Being informed of the purpose of their coming, they were seized with tenderest grief and shed abundant tears at the thought of losing their only Protection and Consolation.

The Incarnate Word descended from Heaven on a Throne of Ineffable Glory, and explaining to Mary that since she had entered the world free and exempt from sin, therefore also Death should have no permission to touch her, and that, should she agree, He would take her direct to Heaven.

The Most Prudent Mother with a joyous countenance, answered: `My Son and My Lord, I beseech Thee, let Thy Mother and Thy servant enter Eternal Life by the common portal of natural death. Thou Who art my true God, hast suffered death without being obliged to do so; it is proper that, as I have followed Thee in life, so I follow Thee also in Death.'

Then all the Angels began to sing in Celestial harmony, and Blessed Mary reclining back upon her couch, pronounced the words of Her Son on the Cross, `Into Thy hands O Lord, I commend my spirit'.
Then she closed her eyes and expired

The sickness which took away her life was pure Love, nothing else.


Following the earthly death of Our Lady, the Holy Apostles conferred concerning the burial of their Queen.
According to the custom of the Jews at burial, a body was to be anointed with precious ointments and spices and wrapped in a sacred burial cloth.

With great reverence and fear, the two Maidens who had been assigned this task, entered the room,where the Body of the Blessed Lady lay. But the refulgence issuing from it barred and blinded them in such a manner that they could not touch nor even locate the Body.
With Divine Inspiration the Apostles came to realise that this Sacred Body was not to be touched.

The Lord Himself inspired all the inhabitants of Jerusalem to be present at the burial.
When the procession came to the Holy Sepulchre in the Valley of Josaphat,Saint Peter and Saint John, with joyful reverence placed the body in the Sepulchre, and covered it with a linen cloth.

Our Redeemer Jesus, entered Heaven conducting the Purest Soul of His Mother at His right hand.

On the third day after that the Lord manifested to the Saints His Divine Will that she should return to the world, resuscitate her sacred body and unite herself with it,so that she might in body and soul be again raised to the right hand of her Divine Son.

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