healing fire HEALING FIRE FROM FROZEN EARTH, By Father Paul Glynn, 196 pages 13.5cm by 21cm (5 7/8 inches by 8 1/4 inches)

Father Paul Glynn is a well-known Catholic Priest and Author who lived in Japan for many years. His many books include "The Smile of a Ragpicker", "A Song for Nagasaki", "Psalms - Songs For The Way Home", "Hearers of Silent Music", and Thank You Brother Fire"

This book (Healing Fire From Frozen Earth) is a personal experience book. In his early twenties the author had problems believing the miracles - heavy Gospels - and, given all the tragedies in life, believing in a "Loving Creator".

The he came across documented books on Lourdes, claiming the instantaneous healing of thousands of physical diseases. He became convinced, through painstaking study, of the objective reality of the healings, and of the loving God behind them and behind the Gospels. Recently he spent considerable time in Lourdes researching modern healings, meeting many of those involved.

He hopes this update book will help people looking for certitude in our "Post-Modern" society that is shot through with doubt, cynicism, crass materialism, meaninglessness - and loss of peace of heart.

Published by Marist Fathers Books, all profits from these books go to the 3rd World impoverished.

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