Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday Holy Saturday was a day of blinding sorrow, deep mourning, considerable doubt and great confusion for the Apostles.

At 3.00pm the day before, the man they believed to be the Son of God had been killed - He was dead - they thought that would have been impossible!

Several times He had told them that he would be handed over to sinners who would kill Him, but they had not really believed that this could actually happen. He had also told them that on the third day He would rise again, and even though they had seen Him bring a dead man back to life, for Him to bring Himself back to life? Could He really do it?

The apostles probably stayed close to one another trying to be comforted, and trying to comfort one another and Mary, who had just lost her only Son.
Joseph had died earlier on, and now Mary was all alone.
But it was probably Mary who comforted the Apostles, more so than the other way around.
And on that day Christ descended to the dead, to give them the good news that the gates of heaven were now open to them.

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