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No....and Yes....Yes ....and No.

Yes in the sense that the site is being developed by Catholic laypeople, but No in the sense that it has not any authority or permission from the Catholic Church to say that it is Catholic. Regardless of your religion, please also read the page "Catholics Please Read This First" and these two pages together should properly explain our situation. We do not have any authority from the Catholic Church for this site, nor do we intend to apply for any such authority or permission.

The main reason is simply that Our Lady is MOTHER TO ALL peoples, all races, colours, religions, creeds, in fact even those who profess no faith whatsoever. She does not belong to the Catholic religion, but to EVERYONE.

When she appeared to Juan Diego in what is now Mexico City in 1531, she said, "I am your merciful mother, the merciful mother of all of you who live united in this land, of all mankind, of all those who love me, of those who cry out to me, of those who seek me, and of those who have confidence in me."

If you are a Catholic, you can be assured that whatever we publish on this site will be according to the best of our knowledge accurate, and properly state the Catholic Church's beliefs, but we must also say that none of what we publish has been vetted by anyone in any official capacity for the Catholic Church. Our editorial committee, who together pass what will be published on this site, consists of ten adult Catholics, of various ages and localities, occupations and experiences.

If you are not a Catholic, whilst the same remarks apply, you probably do not have any concerns with this.

From discussions I have had with people of other faiths, many people outside the Catholic Church (and maybe even some inside it) have a wrong idea of what Catholics think of Our Lady. We hope we may be able to help correct these erroneous opinions.

There are some who say that Our Lady is a "stumbling block" to all Christian religions becoming one - as Christ wishes - but I firmly believe that the exact opposite will be proven to be the case eventually, and in these pages you will see why.

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