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The Joyful Mysteries

The Presentation

These meditations are taken from "The City of God", by Venerable Mary of Agreda (Spain) Our Lady is alleged to have appeared to Venerable Mary daily over a period of approx. 10 years, instructing her to write the story of the lives of Jesus and Mary. A condensed version of this book (4 volumes, over 1600 pages) is called "Divine Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary", and costs just $6.00. One of the best books on the Rosary that I have ever read.

For forty days after the birth of a son, a woman, according to the law, was considered unclean, and was obliged to continue her purification for her readmittance into the temple.

In order to comply with this law, and also satisfy the obligation which demanded sanctification and presentation to the Lord of all first-born sons, Mary travelled to Jerusalem, where she was to appear in the temple with her Son.

During her journey, the Holy Spirit enlightened the high-priest Simeon, who had been promised that he would live to see the Saviour, concerning the coming of the Lord, and of His presentation in the temple in the arms of His mother.

The high-priest Simeon, moved by the Holy Spirit, entered the temple, and saw both Mother and Child enveloped in splendor and glory.

He accepted the Infant Jesus from His mother's hands.

Raising up his eyes to Heaven he offered Him up to the Eternal Father,saying `Now dost Thou dismiss Thy servant, O Lord, ...because my eyes have seen Thy Salvation.'

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