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The Joyful Mysteries

The Finding in the Temple

These meditations are taken from "The City of God", by Venerable Mary of Agreda (Spain) Our Lady is alleged to have appeared to Venerable Mary daily over a period of approx. 10 years, instructing her to write the story of the lives of Jesus and Mary. A condensed version of this book (4 volumes, over 1600 pages) is called "Divine Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary", and costs just $6.00. One of the best books on the Rosary that I have ever read.

Three times each year, the Jewish men, but not the women, were obliged to present themselves before the Lord in the Temple of Jerusalem.

The women could go or not go.

After conferring about this, they decided that on each third occasion, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, they would all go together.

After spending the seven days of the Feast in Jerusalem, they began the journey home.

Jesus was then about 12 years old, and at that age could travel with either the men or the women, who used to travel in separate groups by day, and meet up at night.

Joseph thought that Jesus was with Mary, and Mary like- wise thought that Jesus was with Joseph.

When they came together at the end of the first day, they were devastated to realise they had lost Him.

Immediately they set out to return to Jerusalem to find Him.

For three sorrowful days they sought Him, going without food or sleep, such was their great distress and sorrow.

At the end of this ordeal, they were enlightened as to where He was, and both hurried immediately to the Temple, where they found Him astounding the scribes and learned men with His knowledge.

When His mother questioned Him, He replied ,`Did you not know that I must be about my Father's business?'

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