July 22 Originally a scarlet lady, Mary Magdalene was converted in the first few months of Christ's public life.
Several times she was mentioned in the Bible, and various traditions have arisen about her.

She was called "MAGDALENE" because she lived in the town of Magdala in northern Galilee.

In a vision to Saint Brigid of Sweden, Our Lord said to her, "Three saints have been more pleasing to me than all the others: Mary, my mother, St John the Baptist, and Mary Magdalene."

She was that sinner who anointed the feet of Christ while he sat at dinner with Simon the Pharisee
(Lk 7:36-50);

She was the woman from whom Christ drove seven devils, and she followed Him thereafter;

She was that particular Mary of Bethany, the sister of Martha and Lazarus;

She was one of the Marys standing at the foot of the Cross on Mount Calvary;

She was the first person to whom Christ appeared at the Resurrection.

There is a story that near the end of her life, she was put in a boat with several companions, and set adrift without sails or oars. Eventually she landed on the south coast of France where she spent the remainder of her life living as a contemplative in a cave known as Saint-Baume. She received the Holy Eucharist daily, by the hands of angels, and that was her only food. Miraculously, just before her death she was transported to the Chapel of St Maximin, where she was given the Last Rites, and died aged 72.

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