A Rosary maker is simply a person like you or me, practically any age (we have Rosary Makers from about 8 to 80+) any race, creed, colour, or practically any state of health. Many people who are under stress,(and that probably applies to most of us) often find that working with their hands gives a certain amount of peace - it's good therapy, especially for those whose work involves more mental activities than physical activities.

Probably, to go a step further, a Rosary Maker is a person who has responded to Mary's call to help people throughout the world to pray the Rosary. It often takes many years to grasp this - you think you are "just a Rosary Maker", but after several years of making Rosary Beads, and seeing others who could be making them but aren't, you come to realise that somehow you have been called to do this work, and have responded.

In another sphere, a Rosary Maker is someone who either makes Rosary Beads, or assists others to do so, (perhaps financially) or is involved some way in promoting the Rosary, or devotion to Jesus through Mary.

Making Rosary Beads is not a difficult chore, most people watch TV while making Rosary Beads. You do the more complicated parts when the commercials come on, or during boring bits of the show, and do the easy repetitive parts during the show, so that you generally don't need to find extra time to do this work. A generation or so back, most women used to knit or crochet while watching TV, and the generation before that used to knit while listening to the radio. They were unfortunate in that they did not have the opportunity to contribute to world peace by making Rosary Beads. But you have that opportunity.


There are two different kinds of Rosary Beads we make - with metal chain, or with cord. Each method has an instruction booklet, from which most people learn, and we also have for borrowing a DVD on how to make the Metal Rosary Beads, and a separate DVD on how to make the Cord Rosaries. The first pair you make will probably take a fair while and be the subject of some frustration, but persevere and you will succeed, and later on you will wonder why such an easy thing is not done by more people. After some practice, you should be able to make a Chain Rosary (metal) in about 45 minutes, or a Cord Rosary in about 8 minutes.

I am a Rosary Maker - and you could be too. What's stopping you?