If your own earthly Mother asked you to do something for her, and at the same time told you it was important, you would probably do it for her, if it was in your power.

If she later came to see you, from a fair distance away, and asked you to do the same thing again, and told you that not only was it extremely important, but it could even be a matter of life and death - yours and your family's - you would certainly put it near the top of your priority list, and FIND the time, and the energy, and the willpower to do whatever she asked.

We Rosary Makers firmly believe that Mary, the Mother of God, is our heavenly mother, too. She has said this on many occasions, and she is incapable of telling a lie.

And on many occasions she has asked us to pray the Rosary.

To do that you must first know what the Rosary is, the prayers, the Mysteries etc., and have an understanding of what it is all about, and so we help to give this information to people all over the world by means of this website.

Secondly, you should use Rosary Beads to pray the Rosary. That is not essential, you can count the prayers on your fingers, or on pebbles, or marbles, or seeds, or knotted cord or string etc., but Rosary Beads are better and easier to use, as well as being a sacramental.

There are many people throughout the world who do not own Rosary Beads - either they cannot afford them, or they are simply not available in shops in their areas. We feel a strong and urgent need to help these people.

Therefore we make Rosary Beads, which we then give free of any charge to anyone anywhere in the world. Our members have sent Rosary Beads to such places as -
Russia, China, New Guinea, India, Sri Lanka, many countries on the African continent, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Pakistan, and to Aboriginal Missions in different parts of Australia, to schools, catechists, hospitals, jails etc.

In thanksgiving to God for all He has done for us (we in Australia do indeed live in a "lucky country"), we try to do something for His mother- and ours.

In most cases we receive letters of thanks, and also the assurances that at least some of the prayers prayed on those beads will be for us.

I have a saying that "You can never get out of Our Lady's debt. You do something for her, and she repays you ten times over, so that you just keep getting further into her debt."

When we do a little thing like making a pair of Rosary Beads for someone, and they pray even just one prayer for us, is an example of just that. We believe in the power of prayer, because so many times its power has been shown to us in our everyday lives.

And one of the most powerful of prayers is the Rosary. Our Lady has referred to it as "the weapon" against evil.