Agenda for 2022 Conference of Our Lady's Rosary Makers of Australia
Coonamble, 30th October 2022

Conference Theme - "Immaculate Heart of Mary"

9.00 am
10.15 am

10.45 am
11.00 am
11.15 am
11.20 am

11.25 am
11.30 am
11.35 am

11.50 am
12.00 pm

12.10 pm
12.30 pm

12.40 pm

1.00 pm

2.15 pm
2.30 pm
3.00 pm
3.30 pm
4.00 pm
Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Tooloon St)
Morning tea at Coonamble Bowling Club

Opening of Conference. Welcome, Introductions and registration.
The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary
The Act of Consecration
Prayer for Priests, Religious & Religious educators.
Prayer for ill and & deceased Rosary Makers
National President's Report
National Secretary's Report
Election of National Committee. Discuss if we make this our last conference and
send Annual report each year.
Guild Reports
The Angelus

Guild Reports
General Business - What's new - Vote on next year's conference venue or
we make this our final conference and just go with the report booklet.
Guest speaker

Lunch - served at Coonamble Bowling Club

Thank you to Guest speaker and any further business to be discussed.
Viewing and buying supplies
Afternoon tea and farewells
Purchase more supplies if necessary
Official close of Conference