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Army badge

The letters ANZAC stand for "Australia and New Zealand Army Corps" - our soldiers of the First World War - the "Great War" - the "War to end all wars".

25th. April - That fateful day in 1915, when hordes of "Aussies " and Kiwis", all volunteers, saw their first terrible day of bloody war - and their last. Storming the beaches and cliffs of far-off Gallipoli, not in defending our homelands, but in defending the rights of others to live in peace.

We do not wish to glorify war.

War is one of the most inglorious of all man's adventures since time began.

On this day we just wish to remember, with gratitude in our hearts, and tears in our eyes, those who fought - those who died, those who were horribly maimed, and those who lived, and also all our current members of the armed forces, wherever they may be.

We should also remember and pray for those servicemen and women of other countries, even those who fought against us, for Jesus says that we should love our enemies.

At Fatima, Our Lady said that if men did not repent, another and worse world war would erupt. (See The Fatima Saga). Now some 60 odd years later, she is repeating the same message at Akita (See the Supernatural Events of Akita ). The world did not listen in 1917, and we suffered World War II.

Will we be smart enough to listen in this new 21st. century, and avert the horrors she has foretold if men do not repent and begin to live as God wants us to- according to His commandments??

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