Why Does She Appear?

Our Lady, by the life of perfection that she led, earned the Crown of eternal happiness in heaven, and earned it in a more spectacular way than any other person who ever lived, except Jesus.

She is entitled to perfect happiness forever, and yet through her great love, she returns many times to this troubled earth. WHY? WHY would she bother?

She doesn't have to, it is not part of a condition on which she enjoys heaven. In fact it almost contradicts the purpose of her being in heaven.
God has said that those who attain heaven are entitled to all of its benefits forever.

"Every tear will be wiped away."

And yet Our Lady returns time and time again to earth, many times crying. At Akita, in Japan, her wooden statue cried real tears 101 times between 4 Jan 1975 and 15 Sept. 1981.

At Syracuse, Sicily, her plaque cried for four days in 1953

She appears because a mother should NEVER abandon her children, and we are ALL her children.

Maybe she is appearing many more times in recent decades because so many children are aborted, and they need the protection of their own mothers so much more than in earlier times.

Maybe it is because, even though her earlier messages were received and understood, and later events have proven them to be exactly correct, they were never acted upon.

For example, at her apparitions at Fatima in 1917, she predicted that if people did not listen to her messages, and act upon them, that another and worse world war would erupt, and she even specified that this would be during the Papacy of Pope Pius XI.

At that time - 1917 - the world was already 3 years into the First World War, and another one was totally unthinkable. This First World War was "the war to end all wars" - there could never be another! So people did not listen, burying their heads in the sand. And what happened?.

In 1917, the reigning Pope was named Benedict XV. There was no certainty that there would ever even be a Pope who would adopt the name "PiusXI". And yet the Pope elected immediately after the death of Benedict XV took the name Pius XI. I wonder if he was aware of the prophecy of Our Lady, before he took that name. Or did he take that name because Our Lady had said "during the reign of the next Pope, Pius XI", and since he was the next pope, he took that name out of obedience.

The Second World War, we in Australia, have always referred to it as the "'39-45 War", which started on 3/9/39. Pope Pius XI died in February 1939, so it seemed that the war did not start during his Papacy as Our Lady had predicted. But, looking into this, England and Australia officially declared war on Germany on 3/9/39, but the war actually started in Europe in March 1938, with the "annexation" of Austria by Germany, which was indeed during the Papacy of Pius XI.