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We guarantee that any information that you provide about yourself, or which we learn about you, will only be used for the purposes for which it is given.
Further we will not sell, transmit, or in any way pass on to any other person, company or organisation any of your personal details.


All material on this site falls into one of two categories.
CATEGORY A Material for which we own the copyright.
CATEGORY B Material for which someone else owns the copyight, but has given us permission to use on our site.
For all CATEGORY B Material, you may not use any of this without the express permission of the owners of the copyright.
For all CATEGORY A Material, we grant you the non-exclusive right to use this material, subject to -
  1. The material shall not be modified in any way.
  2. The material shall only be used in an appropriate manner, having regard to its content and purpose.
  3. You should acknowledge the source of the material.
Therefore, should you wish to use ANY of our material, you will need to write to us first, so that we can tell you which category that material falls into.

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