New Book Launched on 13th. May 2007!
Mother's Day (in Australia) and also the 90th Anniversary of Our Lady's first apparition at Fatima in 1917
"Discover the Awesome   Power
of the
"Better Than THE SECRET"
Learn how the power of the Rosary has helped hundreds and thousands of people, regardless of race, colour, religion, or even those who have no religion at all.

Discover for yourself how you can harness the awesome power of the Rosary - it can turn your life around, bringing peace and happiness and removing problems.

Your life will never be the same, after reading this goodnews book.

The author has carried his Rosary Beads with him, in his pocket, for the last 60 years, to honour a promise he made to Our Lady. Read what happened on the only 3 days in all that time, that he accidentally left home without them.

First edition, softcover, 10 years in the making

The second book from Lourima Publications - the very reason why Lourima Publications was created.

Personally autographed by the author.

Stories of historic battles, where the Rosary has been credited with the victory against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Over 100 moving personal stories from individual people around the world, who have recognised the Power of the Rosary in their own lives, and share their personal moving stories.

Easily recognise the all-powerful love of our heavenly mother for YOU, regardless of your personal troubles or the dramas in your life.

Everybody needs help at one time or another, and your heavenly mother is just waiting to be asked, and whatever she requests of her Son, Jesus, He will surely do.

Meet up with the mother of God on a personal level - learn how to spend quality time with her- whom God chose from all eternity to be the Mother of His only-begotten Son.

The author was the Australian instigator of Our Lady's Rosary Makers of Australia, some 36 years ago, is one of its patrons, and has been National President ever since that position was first created in 1988.

Table of Contents.
PART A Public battles
Naval battles, land battles, and ordinary people in their thousands defying cruel Dictators with peaceful resistance, whilst being shot at and threatened with being crushed by army tanks, having the Holy Rosary as the weapon which gave them victory.

(a) Lepanto
(b) Peterwardein
(c) Manila I
(d) Manila II
(e) Manila III
(f) Brazil
(g) Louisiana
(h) Vienna

PART B Personal Stories

Over 100 personal stories from all around the world - individual
personal stories of events related to the Rosary, which have changed
people's lives.

PART C The Rosary

(a) So what is the Rosary? - and you thought you knew!
(b) Brief history of the Rosary.
(c) Time Line of the Rosary
(d) Prayers of the Rosary and How to Pray the Rosary
(e) Fifteen Promises of Our Lady
(f) Papal documents on the Rosary
(g) The Littlest Rosary

PART D Apparitions
(a) Fatima, Portugal
(b) Lourdes, France
(c) Guadalupe, Mexico
(d) Akita, Japan
(e) Zeitoun, (Cairo) Egypt
(f) San Nicolas, Argentina
(g) Betania, Venezuela

(a) Garabandal, Spain
(b) Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina
(c) Rockingham, Perth, Western Australia
(When Our Lady appeared here, she announced that she would leave a visible sign of her presence. She did, and a photo of that marvellous sign is in the book)

(a) USA
(b) Australia

Here are just a couple of comments from readers-

I received a book that I couldn't put down, you may have heard of it, it's called "Discover the Awesome Power of the Rosary"
I couldn't pick a favourite story because every time I thought that I had just read a truly amazing story, the next one was equally as good.

So many of the stories amazed me, some made me laugh and some made me cry. I love the book first and foremost because I didn't have to be a scholar to read it. The personal experiences are so moving and easy to relate to, often reminding me of my very own similar experiences."

Mary from Londonderry.

Please could you send me another 6 books "Discover the Awesome Power of the Rosary" My friends who have read it said that "they could not put it down". Thank you

Mrs Wendy H (Queensland)

Ellis Ryan brings to life through his collection of personal stories the strength of the power within the Rosary. The moving, inspiring and faith-filled stories within the book make it relevant to people of all ages and an invaluable resource for students and teachers of our faith tradition."

Warren Frew, Principal St John's College Dubbo NSW

"I greatly enjoyed Ellis Ryan's book on the rosary and Our Lady. This substantial work will be treasured by many people and will truly be an inspiration to all who read it." My wife's aunt read a couple of the stories and was in tears!

Frank from Canada

"I am 63 years old. 12 years ago on May 25, 1995, I had a brain aneurysm and recovered thanks to prayer and support of my family. I worked at UCLA at the time and was at work when the aneurysm occurred, otherwise the doctors says I would not have survived if I hadn't received the medical attention available to me at UCLA Hospital as quickly as I did. As it was I had 3 brain surgeries and was in a coma for 7 weeks. When I woke up my daughter had the news I had waited for most of my life, that I would be a Grandmother. I had to learn to walk again and had many health problems that with faith and prayer I was able to overcome. October 25, 2007, a young man on drugs broke into my daughters home and stabbed my Granddaughter, Michaela, age 8 years old in the neck. My daughter heard something happening, but since it was 3:30 am everyone was asleep, except the intruder. My daughter caught him and fought with him to get the knife away from him. My grandson, age 11 helped her till the paramedics arrived, while her husband was restraining the intruder. I have been in a state of shock since that happened. My cousin in Winnipeg sent me your wonderful book, "Discover the Awesome Power of the Rosary".
I began reading it and saying my rosary again and found the peace I thought I had lost forever.
Each time I read more of book, the feelings of fear leave me, knowing the Blessed Mother is really looking over me and helping me get through my daily life.
I thank you and pray for you many times during my days and thank you for the wonder of peace that has come over me with each new page.
Prayers and Love,

Mary G USA
Here's what some of our Catholic priests readers think about "Discover the Awesome Power of the Rosary"

From Father Paul Glynn -
Fr Paul Glynn is a Marist priest, and a well-known and respected Australian author - (Author of "Healing Fire from Frozen Earth", "A Song for Nagasaki", "The Smile of a Ragpicker", "Psalms - Songs for the Way Home", "Hearers of Silent Music", "Thank You Brother Fire")
Pope John Paul II wrote: "modern man , demoralised by
multiple ideologies that failed, is no longer convinced by
theories, but by witness". In Ellis Ryan's superb book,
over 100 "ordinary" people witness to the Lord and His
Mother's extraordinary supernatural response to their
recitation of the Rosary. The book's concise presentation
of the main Marian apparitions will delight her lovers.


The author obviously has a life-long love of Mary and the Rosary, and manages to pass that love along to the readers, in this informative, inspiring and easy to read book. People from all over the world have contributed to this book, making it truly international, and telling their personal moving stories of the power of the Rosary demonstrated in their own lives. Reading this book will certainly "give you a lift".

Rev Father Peter Dresser, Coonamble Parish


Ellis Ryan, who got Our Lady's Rosary Makers going in 1971, now opens or perhaps re-opens our eyes to the awesome power of the Rosary in this excellent book. You will be moved, inspired by it, perhaps especially by the heartwarming stories people share of growing closer to Christ in Mary's company. It gives us timely motivation to promote with new vigour this tried and true, faith-lifting prayer - the Rosary!"

Rev Father Martin O'Mahony, Gilgandra Parish.

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