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Our Lady of Mt Carmel

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

The Mount Carmel range is in the hills of Samaria, near Haifa, Israel, and is almost 1800 feet high. It falls fall steeply down to the sea into Cape Carmel, and on the north-east it slopes down to Jezreel Plain, and on the south-west it slopes down to the Plain of Sharon.

This feast day was instituted by the Carmelites between 1376 and 1386, to celebrate the victory of the Order over its enemies on obtaining the approbation of its name and constitution from Honorius III, on January 30, 1226.

In the seventeenth century, the Feast was adopted by several dioceses in the south of Italy, although its celebration outside of Carmelite churches was prohibited in 1628, by a decree contra abusus.

On November 21, 1674, however, it was first granted by Clement X to Spain and its colonies, and in 1725 to the Papal Sates of the Church. On September 24, 1726 it was extended to the entire Latin Church by Pope Benedict XIII.

July 16 was the date chosen, because on that date in 1251, the Blessed Virgin Mary gave the Brown Scapular to Saint Simon Stock at Cambridge, England, in response to his prayers for assistance for his beleaguered Order. Her promise was that whoever wore this garment of hers devoutly would be saved.

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