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St Justin - Martyr

Saint Justin - Martyr

St. Justin was born about the year 100, in Schechem, now called Nablus (one of the areas in Palestine which has been involved in all the recent fighting). Born of wealthy pagan parents, he had a good education, and studied philosophy, especially that of Plato. From his studies of the ancient Hebrew writings he became converted to Christianity about the year 130, and then spent the rest of his life defending Christianity, and writing about it.

His works are the earliest writings we have of Apologetics, and he is the most important Christian Apologist of the second century.

His description of the way in which the early Christians celebrated Mass (The Holy Eucharist) is used today in re-discovering the original ways, and is influencing today's liturgy.

He wrote letters to the emperor and the Roman Senate criticising the treatment being meted out to Christians, and in the year 165 in Rome he was condemned to death by scourging and beheading, for his defence of the faith.

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