The Littlest Rosary

An essential part of any Rosary is the meditation on the different Mysteries of the Rosary. The traditional Rosary takes about 20 minutes to pray, and if you can't spare 20 minutes, this Littlest Rosary could be just what you need. But don't pray it every day. There must be some days when you can spare 20 minutes to give praise and honour and thanks to Jesus, through the prayer of the Rosary.

The Littlest Rosary takes approx 40 seconds to pray in its entirety, or only about 10 seconds if you only pray one of the sets of the Mysteries. Of course you can improve on that by taking slightly longer, but that all depends on your available time. You can easily find 10 seconds, even on the busiest day.

If you aren't used to saying prayers each day, make the decision now, to at least spend 10-40 seconds each day in praying the Littlest Rosary.

For those people who already pray the traditional Rosary every day, the Littlest Rosary is probably a step backwards, but for those who never have the time to pray the Rosary ( and that's a lot of people) it is a tremendous step forward - and will almost certainly lead to at least an occasional full Rosary.

And particularly for children, it will become an easy way of remembering the various Mysteries.

How do you say the "Littlest Rosary"?

Easy. You simply recite the name of the particular Mystery, and as you do so, you bring to your mind a picture of that event, and only meditate on it for the length of time it takes to name the Mystery. You can use any picture which readily comes to your mind, but included here is a short word picture of each event to help you visualise it in your own way.

Incidentally, this "Littlest Rosary" does not have any official standing or status in the Church - it is purely a private prayer designed by me, but I pray it every day in addition to the full Rosary.

Click on whichever of the Mysteries you wish to pray now.

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