What We Do

Basically we do two things.

First is to promote devotion to Our Lady, and of course, through her to Jesus.

The Rosary is a "Christ centred" prayer (much to the surprise of many non-Catholics)

We do this principally by promoting the praying of the Rosary, in the home, by individuals or groups, or families, and in the Church, and in schools. And we do this very quietly - no beating of drums, or browbeating people, just a quiet unobtrusive suggestion here and there.

The Rosary has a very special appeal - it has a long history in the Church, dating back to the thirteenth century and earlier; its acceptability to both God and Mary has been long proven; it has been the companion and source of strength to many of the martyrs both in times past and in the present day; it was recommended and requested by Our Lady herself in her church-approved apparitions at Lourdes and Fatima. This is a prayer which is available to all, and can be prayed in community, in the family, in Church, in schools, and in private - at any time and in any circumstance.

The late Father Patrick Peyton made famous his saying that "The family that prays together, stays together" - a very important help in these days of so many marriage breakdowns and family splits.

The second is to help other people to pray the Rosary by supplying free of charge, a set of Rosary Beads.

That is why we are called "Rosary Makers".

In many third world countries, there are many people for whom owning a pair of Rosary Beads would be impossible if they had to buy them. And in some places even money can't buy them, because they are simply not available.

Whilst you can pray the Rosary by counting the prayers on your fingers, or on a piece of knotted cord, or by using pebbles as counters, the use of a proper set of Rosary beads makes it easier. And human nature being what it is, anything which is a bit difficult may easily be abandoned.

Additionally we make what we call "specials" - special Rosary Beads which can be of very high quality materials, even including Sterling Silver Crucifixes etc, and/or Gold plated parts, which we can either sell and make a profit, or give to friends or family as gifts. There is no requirement for these to be given away free, only the Rosary Beads made from "Mission supplies".